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Roger Says To Wear A Helmet

When I was a kid, I didn't wear a bike helmet. But in those days, we didn't have car seatbelts and both my parents smoked cigarettes. Now we can prevent and reduce head injuries simply by wearing a bike helmet. Life changed for me in 1979 when I went on bike trip in Vermont. Of 22 people in the group, 21 were wearing helmets--I was the odd man out. I figured they were trying to tell me something. Now I am so enthusiastic about bike helmets, I will lend you one for free (see "Free Helmet Rental.")

PLEASE TRY THEM ON, TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE COMFORTABLE! We carry four different brands and many models because different manufacturers have different ideas about what makes a helmet comfortable. ALL of our chidlren's and adults' helmets are tested by national laboratories to make sure they are safe.

Many people make the mistake of tipping the helmet back on the head when adjusting it because they think it'll feel cooler that way (see the girl's helmet in the photo). That's a big mistake because a tipped-back helmet can't protect your face in a crash. The helmet must sit squarely on the head (see the policewoman's photo) so that the front of the helmet will hit first if you fall forwards.

Be sure you have the proper size, and that the adjusting band is snug enough. A good rule is to see if the skin of your forehead moves a little when you move the helmet. Then adjust the side straps, so everything will remain in this position if you crash. Adjusted correctly, you should be able to lightly tug on the helmet and it shouldn't move or tip excessively. It should want to return to the proper position automatically. The small strap buckles on either side should rest just beneath the ear lobes, but if the buckles are comfortable on your ear, then fine. Different buckles are moved differently, and instructions in the owner's manual explain in detail how to adjust the straps for the proper helmet fit. Be sure to ask us for help if you're not sure.

NOTE ABOUT OLDER HELMETS: The manufacturers say to replace the helmet every five years because the styrofoam degrades over time. The cynic in me says, "Piffle; they just want to sell more helmets." The lawyer in me, however, says, "Don't contradict the manufacturers' warnings." The salesman in me says, "New helmets are lighter, more comfortable, and easier to adjust, have better ventilation, look way better, and come with a crash-replacement guarantee." So if you have an ill-fitting, uncomfortable older lid, maybe we can replace the pads and make it work. Or else it's time for replacement.


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