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Bike New York 5BBT Rental Information (for May 7th, 2017 ONLY)

Wow, the BikeNewYork event (also called 5BBT) is like New Year's Eve in the bike business. Everyone wants bike service and rentals on that day. We try to keep our prices moderate and our service extraordinary.  (If you want normal rental information NOT 5BBT click here.) 

We do NOT take reservations over the internet.  We want to talk to you!  Call toll-free 800-300-3023.

(We still have lots of bikes available!  Call now.  We have a large fleet of rentals ready to go, including regular city hybrids and also carbon, aluminum and steel road bikes.) 

1. BikeNewYork is not a race. It is a gentle ride that everyone can do. It is about 40 miles with several rest stops, and the ride attracts more than 30,000 participants every year even if it rains. The organizers have mechanical help as well as transportation for those whose bikes can't be fixed on the road.

2. The ride goes rain or shine. It starts at 8am and takes about 5 hours. The last leg of the trip is on the Staten Island Ferry, and since there are so many riders, sometimes it takes three hours just to get across on the ferry! Bring sunscreen.

3. Rentals may be picked up on Friday or Saturday, the days before the ride.  (You actually get three days all together, if you wish.)  We are open between 10 am and 6 pm.  Bring a credit card that you can leave for deposit or $200 cash per bicycle. 

4. Although most people return by around 3pm, we will stay open until 6pm on Sunday for you to return the bike. After 6pm, the extra charge is $30 per 24 hour period.

5. Prices include bike helmet and overnight (2-day or 3-day) bike rental until 6pm Sunday. We do not promise any specific brand or gender of bike, and tire sizes and other details may vary as well.

Most people prefer hybrids and mountain bikes with upright handlebars $79.99.  Road racing bikes with STI (Pinarello, Guerciotti, Trek, Nishiki, Bianchi & others) $99.99.  Some super-premium bikes are available at $189.99.  Extra days are $30 for each 24-hr period.

6. Call us toll-free 800-300-3023 to make a reservation with a credit card. (We will charge your credit card account, whether you come for the bike or not, whatever the weather, because we have to turn down so many others who would have enjoyed the ride.)  At this time, we are not taking reservations over the internet. So call us; we'd love to talk to you!

7. Registration for the Bike New York event is not included with your bike rental.  Please contact them directly.


Notes from the organizers of 5BBT

  Ten Things to Do to Get Ready for the Five Boro Bike Tour

1. Get and wear a properly fit helmet. This is really important!  (included with bike rental at Pedal Pusher, or bring your own.)

2. Open your Tour package, read the Program and put on your vest on Tour Day, visibly displayed.

3. Get your bike in shape, using the safety check list in the Program and listed here. Do this in enough time to get to your bike shop for repairs, if you need to, well before Tour Day.

4. Start cycling well in advance of Tour Day so that your body is ready for the 42-mile ride. Out of shape? Maybe you should check with your physician before you begin.

5. Bring one or more water bottles or hydration system (i.e. Camelback). Mount a water bottle cage on your bike, and learn to reach down and drink from it while you are riding, so that you can keep hydrated during the Tour. Fill another water bottle with a sports drink for added energy.  (All rentals at Pedal Pusher are equipped with one waterbottle holder.  There are opportunities to refill along the way.)

6. Pack a rain jacket. The Tour goes on, rain or shine. If we all bring rain gear, it won’t rain.

7. Pack a few energy snacks. We have bananas, oranges and water at rest areas, but it doesn’t hurt to be self-sufficient.

8. Pack a few basic bike repair tools, including a spare inner tube that’s the right size for your bike and a pump.  Even if you don’t know how to fix a flat, you’ll be easier to help when you have supplies that fit.

9. Bring personal identification, and some money for phone calls, if you don’t have a cell, and for food at the Festival. Pack some sun screen and minor first aid supplies.

10. If you’re riding with kids, prepare them for the ride, and make a "in case we get separated" plan. You may want to establish a contact person whom you both can call. You can plan to meet at the next rest area, at the Reunion Tent. (Roger's note: in NYC our toll-free number is 800-300-3023.  You can plan to call here and we'll try to get you together.)


Children age 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

There’s an "Emergency Information" label inside your Tour vest. Please fill it out. If you are escorting a young cyclist, make especially sure their label is filled out too. If you and your child become separated, this will help us reunite you.

Talk about a plan ahead of time in case you do get separated from the young rider.

Make sure she has a few quarters for telephoning. If you can, decide on a third-party person you both will call. Also, make sure you have that phone number written out for each of you. If only the parent has a cell phone, make sure your young rider has the number.  (Roger's note: you can use our telephone number toll-free in NYC 800-300-3023 for emergency.  We'll get you back together.)

Make sure the child is instructed to stay on the Tour, and to seek help at the next Reunion Area. Or from a Marshal along the route.

Your plan should include meeting at the next rest area – each rest area has a "Reunion" tent, usually bright blue. Volunteers there are equipped to help you reunite. There are message boards, and the volunteers have communications equipment. Marshals are instructed to accompany a child to the next rest area. If you don’t get reunited at a rest area, keep riding to the Festival on Staten Island, and look for the final Reunion tent there.

Finally, make sure your young rider has a little money so that if she reaches Fort Wadsworth before you, she can eat while she waits for you to arrive.

If you get separated, don’t worry – we have never lost a rider--yet!


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